Please contact us to discuss virtual or in-person training options for your team.

Group Presentations
We will work with your school or district to design targeted professional development presentations, tailoring the content to fit the characteristics of your student population and the learning needs of your staff. Some of our most requested topics are Effective Behavior Intervention Planning, Promoting Student Independence, De-escalation, and Developing Effective IEPs.

Team Training
We will work with your school team to develop effective team practices. Whether the team is identified for RTI facilitation, behavior problem-solving, or academic problem-solving, we can help you become a more effective and efficient team. We will evaluate your current strengths and needs and design a course of team training and coaching to set you on the right path.

Program Development
We will work with your school or district to create or strengthen an in-house program for alternative education. Together we will identify the goals of the program and create systems to support the achievement of those goals. Systems may include program entrance and exit criteria, behavioral systems creation, data collection guidelines, or academic and instructional programming.

Staff Coaching
We will work with staff members to help them improve their effectiveness in areas such as student support, behavior planning, classroom management, or instructional planning and delivery. We will align with staff members to identify target areas for growth and provide ongoing observations and coaching to help them meet their goals.